FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have difficulty ordering the book?
If you have problems creating it, please contact us at kontakt@fairytoon.de so that we can solve your difficulties together. Often there is a disruption when using older versions of browsers, eg. Internet Explorer, so we recommend trying it first with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Can you just send the book home to the child?
Naturally! When ordering, you can choose between two address forms. In the first you enter your personal data, these are used for the issue of the bill, in the second you can enter the data of the child, so that we can deliver the package directly. The child receives the package without delivery costs and without specifying the price and you receive and pay the bill.

How long will it take to hold the finished book in my hands?
Each book is created according to the order and printed only once, which is not that easy! But we will do our best to get your personalized book as soon as possible. Usually you have your book within 6 working days of receiving payment in your hands.

I made a mistake in the customization. Can I send corrections later?
Naturally! You can tell us your corrections by the end of the day you place your order. The next day we start with the preparation of the book and corrections are no longer possible. Submit your corrections to kontakt@fairytoon.de.

I did not receive an email confirmation after placing the order.
Oops! Sorry. We also encourage you to check your unsolicited mail (junk mail). If you have not received an email confirmation within one minute after placing your order, please contact us by email on kontakt@fairytoon.de. How to check your order and let you know if you need to submit it again.

Can I still revoke my order?
Naturally! If you wish to cancel your order by the end of the day on which you placed your order, please notify us by email to kontakt@fairytoon.de. After the order has been sent to the printer, a cancellation is unfortunately no longer possible, since it is unique, which are created according to the order

And what if I am not satisfied with the received book?
If the book does not meet your expectations or your order, please contact us kontakt@fairytoon.de and together we will try to solve your problem

What can be individualized when ordering the book?
With each book, you can determine the name, hair color and hairstyle, eye color and eye shape (Asian / European) of the main character and sometimes even the minor character. You can also give your fairy-tale character glasses or freckles. And of course you can have a personal dedication printed on the first page of the book for your child.

Can I use his nickname instead of the child’s name?
Each book we create according to your wishes, so the nickname of the child can be used. You may also like to have the child’s first and last name printed in the dedication, and use only the nickname of the child in the story.

How big is the book?
The personalized Fairytoon books are big, but also small. With 21 ├Ś 21 cm but a perfect measure for reading aloud.