Our fairytale story

What we want
We would like to offer personalized fairy tales in order to bring the old fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm to the present generation. For this, the texts are prepared in a child-friendly rhyming form and the books are adequately illustrated. These illustrations can be adapted, via our website, to the appearance of the children. Also, the child’s name and age are used, so that the child can really immerse in the fairy tale and find himself accordingly. The title “Today I’m [MÄRCHENFIGUR]” – subtitle “First name last name of the child” – also invites parents to kidnap their child into the fairytale world. With “What do you want to be tonight my darling”, happy adventures entice the children to bed and invite them to dreamland.

In addition to the personalized version, we would also like to offer a cheaper standard work that can also be used in kindergartens and schools or aimed at families who can not just spend € 30 for a book.

Why the whole?
The goal is to bring the old fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm to the present generation. Fairy tales are not only educationally valuable, but also accompany the childhood of everyone. To experience the whole thing in a very special way is our goal and your added value.

Who is behind the project?
Tina Kassubek and Sandra Friebel had the idea of ​​personalized books in connection with Grimm’s fairy tales. Both work on behalf of Design for U usually for larger companies in the field of web and graphic design. This is the first own project, which is important to the two young mothers and should now be started successfully.